Brace yourself for an experience of a life time. You cannot be told how this feels, you simply have to experience it for yourself. Walk barefoot across a 15 ft bed of burning hot coals measuring up to 1500 degrees. You will learn how to turn fear state into unstoppable power to overcome any obstacles and challenges. The Ultimate Fire Walk Experience will change the way you approach your life by facing your fears and achieving something against the odds of regular physics and common sense!

Earn an amazing amount of money for your chosen cause or charity and have a great time and an experience you will remember forever.

What would we help with?

  • We can supply a templates of our disclaimer form to be used for registering delegates on arrival to your event.
  • We can supply a video to promote your event from a previous event that we have delivered.
  • We can supply pictures from previous events for you to use to promote your event.
  • We can provide you a press release to give to your local newspapers to promote the event.
  • We will deliver training to get participants ready for the firewalk, build and clear away the firewalk.
  • We will provide certificates for the firewalkers if required.

What would you need to do?

  • Provide a venue that would seat double the number of attendees coming, for example if you have 80 attendees the room for training would need to equip 160 people.
  • Promote the event to your supporters.
  • Take registration fee’s and be responsible for numbers of people coming to the event.
  • Market the event.
  • Ensure there is an outdoor area for the firewalk and a water connection / tap for a hose pipe.
  • Pay 50% 7 days before the event and 50% on the day of the event.

Event Duration

For up to 110 participants, the event would take between 3-5 hours depending on the event. The training inside takes a minimum of 2 hours, so an overall event would be between 3-5 hours. As numbers of participants rise, the duration of the event increases slightly.