Your most important asset is your staff – are you using their full potential? Could your business benefit from a better, stronger, more inspired team?

Mpowerment Ltd. are passionate about people development. We create unique and memorable team building events designed to motivate and empower your staff.


Make your event extraordinary with Bar bending, Board breaking, Glass walking, Fire walking and Arrow breaking.

The transformation of your event into an amazing life experience is one call away.

Your event is important. You’ll want to make it a great success, one that everyone finds enjoyable, stimulating and memorable. You can achieve that with us.

We add truly outstanding sessions that are different, dynamic and definitely memorable.

Our sessions are hugely enjoyable and fun. They can be used as a event highlight, to compliment your event theme or to reinforce your core message.

Bar bending — Develops focus and commitment

Bar bending
Bar bending

Board breaking — Channels inner energy to break through barriers

Glass walk — Awakens your spirit and faith

Fire walk — Overcomes inner fears to create ultimate belief

Every team building event is designed to meet your goals, your aims and your business needs. Talk to us now for a free consultation and planning session. Contact us at


Kylie HearneKylie Hearne
I realized that feeling this way only inhibits your life, and if I could do the things I did on that day - I could do anything!I have, since this class, repaired damaged friendships, developed interests in sports like running, dancing and skydiving! More than anything, I have learnt to live for today, as yesterday has been and tomorrow may never come. I have done and achieved more for myself, and for others, in the last two months since the Master class event, than I have probably done in my whole life. Tosin, I just want to say a huge thank you for my new, phenomenal sense of freedom. It's incredible!
Sharon AdairSharon Adair
It’s amazing, keep your mind open and go for it – you won’t regret it!Before attending the Miss Wales Motivational Master class Event held by Tosin on March the first, I thought my life was fine. It didn’t need improving, and I was content to carry on as I was. I never dreamt that I could achieve so much more, and more than anything feel the way I am feeling right now. I did not even in my wildest dreams ever expect that I would be able to break boards, bend iron bars with my throat or FIREWALK! My friends and I were taught the ways of the mind, and how to have a more positive outlook on absolutely everything we do. The class has changed my life in so many ways. I have put off learning so many new things that I have always wanted to do but felt that I 'couldn’t'.
I cannot recommend Tosin and the team highly enough. I was bringing together a new team (previously had been 3 separate areas) and I really wanted them to get to know each other, understand each other’s learning styles, work on personal breakthroughs and also work on communication, engagement and leadership. Tosin and the team took the time to come into the business to discuss in detail and understand my needs and also carried out a survey of our people to ensure that the course they designed was ideal. The day was outstanding the best session I have been to in particular I would recommend the bar-bend and board break the team were buzzing! To cut a long story short that day was the turning point and the team are one of the highest performing areas smashing all 2010 targets! I also had some 121 coaching from Tosin and have improved my confidence in speaking in front of large groups etc. Fantastic and professional team I would highly recommend.
Avnish GoyalAvnish Goyal
I have known Tosin for a number of years and he has made a big difference to me personally and also in my business, through his personal coaching and also his Seminars. The fire-walk events which is what Tosin has being known for has been attended by many of my employees, family and friends and is fantastic for team building event. Tosin is massively committed to making a difference and I look forward to his next event for Hallmark Care Homes.